Tips for Safer Night Driving

safer night driving on the Gold Coast

Tips for Safer Night Driving

Driving at night has its advantages – like more fluid traffic – but it also holds many challenges. The decreases visibility and fatigue are details that demand more driver care at these times.

If you want to travel more smoothly, take advantage of our safer night driving tips for those who ride at night!

1- Keep windows clean to avoid increased glare and condensation.

2- Don’t dazzle others – dip your lights when faced with another road user.

3- Help drivers see you in twilight by turning your headlights on before sunset and keeping them on for an hour after sunrise.

4- Have your eyes checked regularly for problems which can affect your night vision.

5- Be aware that other road users may behave erratically, so be prepared to give them more space.

6- Watch out for pedestrians, especially near pubs and clubs around closing time.

7- Allow more time for your own journey, so you’re not driving under pressure.

8- If you can, dim your dashboard lights and reduce reflections and avoid reducing your night vision.

These simple cares make all the difference in the routine of the driver who needs to drive at night!

So, what did you think these tips about how to have a safer night driving? Leave your comment below!

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