Useful Links

Graduated Licensing Scheme:

The Graduated Licensing Scheme helps new drivers gain experience and become safer drivers by spreading the learning process over 4 years.

Road Users Handbook:

The Road Users’ Handbook explains the main rules which apply to all road users and must be read and understood if you want to hold a driver licence in NSW.


Centre for Road Safety Campaign:

Road Rules Awareness Week has given all road users the chance to improve their knowledge of the road rules and learn about new measures.


Road Rules:

The road rules are a framework for safe and efficient movement of traffic on NSW roads.


Road safety:

All road users in NSW should be able to arrive safely at their destinations.


Safe Driving:

How to have a safe drive


Offences & Penalties:

This section lists the basic fines and penalties but heavier fines are imposed for more serious offences. Licence demerit points also apply to NSW licence holders.


Real-time road apps:

A real-time app for every driver.


Live Traffic App:

Live updates, traveller information and personalised alerts for NSW roads.