Useful Links

Queensland licenses:

Information on Queensland licenses including licence types, restrictions, classes and the application process..

Road Rules Users Book:

Information on signs and signals, speed limits, making turns, roundabouts, indicating and signalling, giving way, road positioning, hazardous localities, alcohol and drugs, heavy vehicles and other rules and responsibilities.


Centre for Road Safety Campaign:

Road Rules Awareness has given all road users the chance to improve their knowledge of the road rules and learn about new measures.


Keys to Driving in Queensland:

A guide for anyone wanting to learn or refresh their knowledge about Queensland’s current driver licensing requirements and road rules.


Road safety:

All road users in QLD should be able to arrive safely at their destinations.


School Road Safety:

How to have a safe drive around schools.


Offences & Penalties:

This section lists the basic fines and penalties but heavier fines are imposed for more serious offences. Licence demerit points also apply to QLD licence holders.


Real-time road work:

A real-time road work for every driver.


Live Traffic App:

Live updates, traveller information and personalised alerts for QLD roads.